SMS Transaction Alerts for Debit Card

You will receive SMS alerts on transactions made on your Debit Card/Debit Card-i. This helps you to track movements in your account and safeguard you against any unauthorised transactions. If you wish to set a preferred threshold amount for transaction alerts, visit any Alliance Bank branch or call our Customer Service at 03-5516 9988.

Note: The transaction alert can be disabled. However, we strongly encourage you not to disable the alerts to safeguard yourself against any unauthorised transactions.

To make this request, please visit any Alliance Bank Branch or call Customer Service at 03-5516 9988.

What type of SMS transaction alert (SMS alert) will I receive?

You will receive SMS alert when you perform the following types of transactions:
  1. Card-Not-Present which includes online and mail order and telephone order (MOTO)
  2. Overseas & Local Contactless
  3. Overseas POS (Point-of Sales) terminals
  4. Overseas Cash Withdrawal

When will I receive the SMS alert?

You will receive SMS alerts when your transaction amount exceeds the default threshold amount.

You have the flexibility to choose your SMS alert preferred threshold amount by contacting our Customer Service at 03-5516 9988 or visit of our any Alliance Bank Branches otherwise it will be based on the Bank's default setting.

Can I choose not to receive the SMS alert?

We strongly encourage you to receive the SMS transaction alert to safeguard yourself against any unauthorised transactions.

Hpwever, you can disable this service by providing a written consent or complete the Service Request Form (Form). The Form can be obtained from any Alliance Bank Branch or Customer Service.

Will I be charged for the cost of SMS alert?

No, the cost of sending the SMS alert is borne by the Bank. This is a value added service provided at no charge.

If I have more than one (1) Alliance Bank Debit Card, can I request for a different SMS alerts threshold amount for each card?

No, there will be only one (1) default setting on the treshold of amount applied for all Debit Cards / Card-i you have with the Bank.

What are the details that will be shown in the SMS alert?

The SMS alert will include details such as transaction amount, merchant name, date and time of the transaction.

Can I choose to be notified for certain types of transactions only?

Yes, you have flexibility to choose as the following transactions;
  1. Card-Not-Present
  2. Overseas & Local Contactless
  3. Overseas POS
  4. Overseas Cash Withdrawal


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