Professional Development

Developing Our Talent

The Bank offers various career advancement paths for professional growth. These include prioritising internal candidates for job vacancies, job rotations, promotion opportunities and participation in stretch assignments and projects.

To realise our Vision to be “The Preferred Bank of Business Owners”, we encourage a culture of continuous learning and development. Employees learn about the Alliance Way, our differentiated approach in engaging our clients based on empathy, Values and Key Behaviours that enable the Bank to deliver on its strategy, products, and services.

In FY2022, the Bank invested more than RM5 million in employee training and development. We focused on five key learning priorities:
  1. A systematic way of approaching customers
  2. Harnessing digital to improve customer value proposition and scale-up
  3. Leveraging technology to streamline processes
  4. Managers enabling their teams to succeed
  5. Embedding strong governance
We also strengthen our sustainability endeavours by incorporating sustainability-related programmes and certifications to enrich our employees
In the age of digitisation, it is crucial to prepare a workforce fit for the future. Having the right set of competencies and skillset helps our people deliver desired results. This, in turn, paves the way for the Bank to realise its vision.

Our training modules were adapted digitally to enable our employees greater flexibility and accessibility to learn at their own pace. We also launched a Wealth Management online learning platform to equip employees with the requisite knowledge on Wealth products, services and trends. On average, each employee completed 41 learning hours, or 5 days, during the year. The Bank spent close to 150,000 hours on employee development training in FY2022.
Average Learning Hours Per Employee 1


1As at 31 March 2022


The Bank has several structured development programmes under its Alliance Bank Leadership Excellence (“ABLE”) Academy to nurture its talent pipeline. The ABLE Academy employs a blended learning approach that includes on-the-job learning experience, coaching, mentoring and structured long-term development programmes. This provides our employees opportunities to learn, participate in transformational projects and fast track their career.

In FY2021, the Bank also introduced the Alliance Development Programme (ADP) to develop leadership capabilities for all employees throughout their careers with the Bank. It comprises three levels – Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading Business. To ensure a progressive journey, there are different modules and outcomes for the respective levels :
Levels Target Audience Learning Outcomes
Leading Self Junior Management Delivering priorities and building a leader’s mindset
Leading Others / Teams Middle Management Driving results and leading for team performance
Leading Business Senior Management Leading business strategically and managing change


While the ADP is new, we incorporated our existing strengths-based leadership modules to further enhance the strengths-based culture that we have built in the Bank – with differentiated modules to ensure sustainability. Key programmes such as “Working with Strengths”, “Alliance Impactful Managers” and “Team Leadership” are incorporated into ADP to help our employees understand their strengths, enhance their communication, engagement, interpersonal and managerial skills.

Our managers and supervisors who are certified Strengths Coaches continuously support the Bank in instilling a Strengths culture – building strong, engaged teams.

While keeping themselves updated, we also ensure that all employees adhere to regulations to safeguard the Bank. Workshops on “Foreign Exchange Notices” as well as “Ethics” related programmes are conducted regularly. In keeping the Bank safe, there are mandatory e-Learning modules covering compliance, information risk management and cyber security, operational risk management, as well as data management.

Learning roadmaps incorporating the 5 Key Priorities are also designed for the different divisions and roles in the Bank. They provide structured learning for all levels of employees within the businesses. Specific functional modules are added to address the learning needs of different roles. The respective learning roadmaps take into account the development of an employee from a new joiner to an experienced Alliance Banker.

In addition to that, leadership and digital learning roadmaps are also crafted to enhance the development of identified employees for leadership and digital transformation roles.

Future Fit Leaders

Launched in 2012, the Alliance Bank Management Trainee Programme is customised to cultivate outstanding young graduates and nurture them into future banking leaders by providing a platform for knowledge, skills, and experience in the financial services industry. This programme has also evolved over the years to prepare our Management Trainees to have an understanding of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and to be digitally savvy through programmes that expose them to concepts such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence as well as Robotic Process Automation among others.

This 12-month programme is the entry level programme of the Alliance Bank Leadership Excellence (ABLE) Academy. To-date, more than 230 management trainees have graduated from the Management Trainee Programme and are successfully contributing to the businesses.

Upon graduating from the programme, our graduates have the opportunity to lead cross divisional innovation projects through the Innovation Marvel initiative. To find out more about our Management Trainee Programme, click here.

Alliance Managers Programme

The Alliance Managers Programme (AMP) aims to grow high potentials in the organisation. The programme develops young managers with leadership competencies as well as the Mission, Vision, Values, Key Behaviours, Competencies and Alliance Way to deliver the Bank’s long term goals. Throughout the 10-month structured programme, AMP participants will be equipped with essential skills to transition them from individual contributors to young leaders.

Alliance Leaders Programme

The Alliance Leaders Programme (ALP) was launched in November 2017. The Alliance Leaders Programme (ALP) is another signature programme under the Alliance Bank Leadership Excellence (ABLE) initiative. It is a 12-month leadership development programme with a structured syllabus and customised development plan for our participants.

The 12-month journey serves as a platform to build a strong foundation of leadership knowledge, skills and experience to develop participants to be successful leaders in the Bank. The ALP participants will also compete to earn/qualify for an immersive 6-month transition programme that will cover an international immersion experience, group coaching and a leadership challenge.

All in all, this initiative aims to prepare selected Vice Presidents (VPs)/Senior Vice Presidents (SVPs) for senior leadership roles. The accelerated talent development supports the Bank’s three business strategic priorities in acquiring more customers, deepening customer engagement and gaining efficiencies.

It is also designed to strengthen one’s leadership competencies and inculcate a Play-to-Win mindset. To-date, 15 graduates have completed the inaugural ALP journey of self-development and have been given the opportunity in leading strategic, bank-wide transformation projects. Several of the graduates have progressed in their careers with larger strategic roles.
Apart from our signature leadership programmes and training, we believe that continuous development nurtures experienced and knowledgeable employees. In this age of disruption, we also develop our employees further through different mediums of learning. Learning Packs and e-learning modules are curated to facilitate learning and development anytime, anywhere.

Learning Packs

To keep our employees informed of industry trends and prepared for the future challenges and opportunities, we have introduced Learning Packs – a series of monthly communication aimed at facilitating self-directed learning. Over the past year, our employees have been inspired by various podcasts, articles and empowered to learn at their own convenience and pace.

e-Learning Modules

e-Learning has revolutionised the way content is accessed and consumed. It enables greater flexibility and accessibility in meeting education and training objectives, while optimising business man-hours. There are mandatory e-Learning modules covering compliance, information risk management and cyber security, operational risk management, data management as well as knowledge on wealth products, services and trends.