List of Insured Deposits (Conventional)
Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad

  Deposit Product Name Product Code Deposit Type Currency
1 Alliance Buddy
(Formerly known as AllianceSave Manjaku)
0212CR0200000003 Savings Deposit Ringgit Malaysia
2 Alliance Senior Savers 0212CR0200000005 Savings Deposit Ringgit Malaysia
3 Savings Account 0212CR0200000004 Savings Deposit Ringgit Malaysia
4 Basic Savings Account 0212CR0200000002 Savings Deposit Ringgit Malaysia
5 Alliance My eSavings Account 0212CR0200000006 Savings Deposit Ringgit Malaysia
6 Current Account 0212CR0100000003 Demand Depositt Ringgit Malaysia
7 Basic Current Account 0212CR0100000002 Demand Deposit Ringgit Malaysia
8 Alliance Hybrid Account 0212CR0100000001 Demand Deposit Ringgit Malaysia
9 Fixed Deposit 0212CR0300000002 Fixed Deposit Ringgit Malaysia
10 Alliance FDGold Account 0212CR0300000001 Fixed Depositt Ringgit Malaysia
11 AllianceSave Account 0212CR0100000005 Demand Deposit Ringgit Malaysia
12 AllianceSave Pendidikan Account 0212CR0200000001 Savings Deposit Ringgit Malaysia
13 Foreign Currency Current Account 0212CF0100000001 Demand Deposit Foreign Currency (AUD / CAD / CHF / CNY / EUR / GBP / HKD / JPY / NZD / SGD / THB / USD)
14 Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit 0212CF0300000001 Fixed Deposit Foreign Currency (AUD / CAD / CNY / EUR / GBP / NZD / SGD / USD)
15 Alliance XChange Current Account 0212CF0100000002 Demand Deposit Foreign Currency (AUD / EUR / GBP / HKD / JPY / NZD / SGD / USD)
16 Alliance XChange Fixed Deposit Accoun 0212CF0300000002 Fixed Deposit Foreign Currency (AUD / EUR / GBP / NZD / SGD / USD)
17 Business Reward Service (BRS) 0212CR0100000004 Demand Deposit Ringgit Malaysia
18 Money Market Deposit 0212CM0700000001 Short Term Deposit Ringgit Malaysia & Foreign Currency

Protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor. To view PIDM’s brochure, click here.