23 November 2023

Alliance Bank Redefines Banking Experience with “The Bank for Life”

Press Release

Kuala Lumpur, 23 November 2023 - Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad ("Alliance Bank" or the "Bank") has launched its refreshed brand purpose, underpinned by the new tagline, "The Bank for Life". This new brand purpose underscores the Bank’s unwavering dedication to delivering differentiated solutions and customer service built on authenticity, integrity, and personalisation. The strategic rebranding exercise complements the Bank’s Acceler8 strategy, which was introduced earlier this year to drive the Bank towards robust financial and non-financial performance.

“We believe that banking should be beyond just a transactional experience or an account number. “The Bank for Life” embodies our renewed commitment to meeting our customers’ diverse needs by prioritising their best interests, serving as a dependable partner at every step of their financial path throughout their lifetime. Our aim is to be the lifelong banking partner for all of our customers, supporting them at every phase of their life and helping to bring their aspirations to life,” said Mr. Kellee Kam, Group Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Bank.

“The Bank for Life” encapsulates Alliance Bank’s goals, mission and purpose, supporting the Bank’s growth ambition by positioning itself as a market differentiator. The refreshed branding serves as a compass, guiding the Bank’s multistakeholder approach by determining how value is created for customers, businesses, employees, shareholders and the community:
  • Customers – Supporting consumer customers’ needs through every stage of life
  • Businesses – Helping businesses grow and become more competitive and sustainable
  • Employees – Nurturing and enriching employees’ skillsets and career
  • Shareholders – Be a future-proof, stable and profitable organisation
  • Community – Generating positive impact and contribution for the community
In tandem with this, Alliance Bank has unveiled a sleek, minimalist and seamless new website design that delivers an enhanced user experience. The refreshed website streamlines access to various solutions, including credit cards, loans, and financing options, all conveniently available from the main page. Customers can stay informed about the latest bank initiatives, announcements, and promotions in a single glance.

"As we evolve towards becoming a bank for the community, we remain steadfast in our focus of establishing genuine, honest, and personalised relationships with our customers, communities, and stakeholders. Our omni-channel approach continues to serve as pivotal focal points, enabling us to proactively engage and foster meaningful connections with the community to better understand their needs,” Kam added.

The Bank is on track towards achieving 81 locations nationwide by Q2 2024 in its brand network expansion. Alliance Bank has organised local events including festive celebrations, open houses, and a Heritage Run in Penang that congregated communities and supported local businesses.

Alliance Bank will continue to intensify customer engagement activities within local neighbourhoods, fostering meaningful connections and solidifying its position as a cornerstone of the community.

The Bank has also ramped up efforts towards becoming an ESG-focused organisation while helping businesses transition towards sustainable business practices. Alliance Bank rolled out a sustainable product framework and climate action programme for SMEs in addition to the ongoing sustainable financing initiatives such as #financing4ESG, solar panel financing and green mortgage financing packages.

Alliance Bank’s 3As approach (Advocacy, Advice and Answers) integrates sustainability into the core of the Bank’s business and operations. This includes innovating and developing solutions around customers to deliver more value, and enabling them to adopt sustainable lifestyles through the Bank’s various green propositions.

For more information on Alliance Bank’s “The Bank for Life”, please visit https://www.alliancebank.com.my.