19 October 2022

Revision of Alliance Bank Cardholder Agreement


Dear Valued Cardholders,

We wish to inform you that the Alliance Bank Cardholder Agreement (“Agreement”) has been updated.

The following clauses have been updated and the updated Agreement shall be effective from 9 November 2022.

Existing Promotional FD Rate

Item Existing Clause New Clause
15.7 Nil The Bank may from time to time provide the latest update or content to educate the Cardholder and create awareness that help prevent or mitigate fraud and scam risk. These may include but not limited to security tips, software/operating system/application/version update, and regulation requirements from any relevant governing bodies.
15.8 Nil The Cardholder shall keep in safe custody of all banking instruments, for example security tokens, VISA/MASTERCARD CARD, PIN, internet and mobile banking login credentials, and transaction authorisation code (TAC). The Cardholder shall notify the Bank immediately when the Cardholder becomes aware that any of the above is lost or used without authority or proper authorisation.
15.9 Nil Upon being notified by the Cardholder of such incident, the Bank shall conduct an investigation and the Cardholder is required to provide sufficient information and collaboration to facilitate the investigation. The Bank may take the following measures with prior notice to Cardholder to prevent or mitigate further financial loss while the Bank is performing its investigation: 15.9.1 terminate the affected VISA/MASTERCARD CARD
15.10 Nil The Bank is hereby given the authority to perform the following measure(s) upon detection of such incident (with/without prior consent from the Cardholder) in order to prevent, stop or mitigate further financial loss while the Bank is performing its investigation and the Cardholder will be notified once the following measure(s) has been operated: 15.10.1 suspend or freeze the affected VISA/MASTERCARD CARD Account 15.10.2 revoke or reset the Cardholder’s internet or mobile banking access; and/or 15.10.3 revoke the validity of banking instruments

Thank you.