17 February 2022

Safe Deposit Box Promotion T&C Changes


Dear Valued Customers,

Please be informed that we had recently revised the terms and conditions governing our Margin (Share Margin/ External Margin/ Portfolio Financing) and Non Margin (Share Trading) products which shall take effect from 1 April 2022. The purpose of the revisions is to enhance the reasonableness and transparency of the said terms and conditions. Please be assured that the revised terms and conditions shall have no adverse effect on the existing commercial terms for the products accepted/signed by you and your rights and obligations for the said products shall remain unchanged.

The scope of the revisions are as set out below:

•To incorporate that only primary Safe Deposit Box accountholder will be deemed as Eligible Customer.

Other Terms remain unchanged. Click Here for revised Terms and Conditions of the Promotion.

If you have any questions on the revised Terms, please speak to your Relationship Manager or our branch personnel or email us at info@alliancefg.com.