06 February 2024

UEM Sunrise and Alliance Bank Unveil a Pioneering Partnership with the Launch of “Alliance Home Complete” Financing

Press Release

Kuala Lumpur, 6 February 2024 - UEM Sunrise Berhad (“UEM Sunrise” or the “Company”) has announced its strategic collaboration with Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad (“Alliance Bank” or the “Bank”), becoming the first developer to do so under the Alliance Home Complete, signifying progress in making homeownership more accessible for homeowners and enhancing their living experiences.

This financing solution aims to offer flexibility to homeowners by providing additional financing of up to 10% of the property value or a maximum of RM150,000. This additional funding can be allocated for renovations and interior design, empowering homeowners to customise their living spaces without a substantial initial cash outlay.

"One of our primary goals in UEM Sunrise is to create homes that cater to the diverse needs and aspirations of our customers. This includes being sensitive to their financial needs as well particularly when it comes to typical concerns after being handed keys to their new homes; e.g. renovations, furnishing and ID. In order to achieve this, we wanted to work alongside like-minded partners within and beyond the property sector, such as Alliance Bank,” says UEM Sunrise Chief Executive Officer Sufian Abdullah.

“Working alongside Alliance Bank to design and offer alternatives that go beyond the conventional financing solutions, solidifies our ongoing commitment to enhance and personalise our customers’ living spaces. This commitment seamlessly aligns with UEM Sunrise's dedication to sustainability. By reducing financial burdens, we strive to make homeownership journeys more hassle-free and enjoyable," Sufian added.

Sharing the same sentiment, Group Chief Consumer Banking Officer of Alliance Bank, Ms Gan Pai Li said: “At Alliance Bank, we are committed to providing financing packages that meet our customers’ evolving needs. With Alliance Home Complete financing, homeowners gain immediate access to funds, facilitating a smooth project execution which allows them to realise their dream homes without delays. Moreover, in line with our aspiration to be an ESG-focused organisation, those purchasing UEM Sunrise’s green properties can enjoy lower interest rates, subject to final approval by the Bank.”

The financing solution offers a smooth, one-stop application process for both mortgage and renovation and interior design loan applications. This exclusive offering is designed to be applied with Alliance Bank’s mortgage products, ensuring a streamlined and efficient application experience.

The product offers the notable benefit of not being limited to interior designs or renovation. Instead, it provides homeowners with a hassle-free application experience, empowering homeowners to allocate funds according to their preferences and lifestyles as part of the seamless process during their homeownership journey.

Under this financing solution, UEM Sunrise's participating projects include 2023’s key launches, such as The MINH, The Connaught One, and Serene Heights Intrika, among others in the Central region, while Aspira Gardens, Aspira Parkhomes and Senadi Hills 2A are among the participating projects in the Southern region.

UEM Sunrise is optimistic about the positive impact of this collaboration with Alliance Bank. With the launch of the Alliance Home Complete, this product is envisaged to drive even better take-up rates for UEM Sunrise’s new launches, fostering enhanced accessibility to homeownership and enriching the living experiences of our valued customers.

For more information on how this financing solution benefits homeowners, please visit https://www.uemsunrise.com/highlights/happenings/alliance-home-complete.