11 January 2019

UNIMAS Named Winner of Alliance Islamic Bank’s Eco-Biz Dream Project 3

Press Release
11 January 2019

UNIMAS Named Winner of Alliance Islamic Bank’s Eco-Biz Dream Project 3

Press Release

Kuala Lumpur, 11 January 2019 - The Green Team from University of Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), comprising Mohd Fakharuddin Muhamad (25), Dayang Siti Herdawati Abang Hardin (24), Lennevey Kinidi (25) and team leader Norzafirah Azriah Mohd Fadzli (25), was recently named the grand prize winner of Alliance Islamic Bank Eco-Biz Dream Project 3 at its Awards and Closing Ceremony.

The team is among the top 10 teams who had presented their business pitch on how to help revitalise Sungai Kerayong in the Klang Valley.

As the grand prize winner, Green Team won RM10,000 cash and the opportunity to help revitalise Sungai Kerayong in the Klang Valley with their social enterprise solution. This will be carried out in collaboration with Alliance Islamic Bank, the local civic authorities, non-profit organisations, private enterprises, and communities living along Sungai Kerayong.

Alliance Islamic Bank Eco-Biz Dream Project 3 was designed to nurture forward-thinking social entrepreneurs to help create a positive impact on the economy, environment, and community.

Alliance Islamic Bank’s Chief Executive Officer En. Rizal IL-Ehzan said, “The Eco-Biz Dream Project is now in its third year, and already it defies convention. It is a social entrepreneurship activation initiative done in collaboration with academia, and this year, the winning project will be jointly implemented by like-minded citizens who want to “Do Good” together, and have a meaningful impact on the environment and society.”

The UNIMAS’ Green Team’s pitch revolves around the idea of developing a simple solution using BioChar, in a plug-and-clean filter to be used at wet markets situated at Sungai Kerayong. This is to reduce the amount of untreated effluents associated with high Chemical Oxygen Demand and nutrients going into the river. The team of four, under the guidance of Professor Madya Dr. Shanti Faridah Salleh, Director of Centre for Academic Assurance and Academic Development for UNIMAS, enthused, “Our solution is inspired by the question of how we can help the Sungai Kerayong community. We focus on one problem rather than many problems at one time, and effectively tackle it for an impactful solution.”

The first runner-up of the Eco-Biz Dream Project 3 was Team Monash Green Lab from Monash University, who won RM5,000 cash, followed by Team Aqua Plethora from University Putra Malaysia (UPM), who took home RM3,000 for their efforts. The consolation prizes, which carry RM1,000 cash prize each, went to Team Sungai Savers from Xiamen University Malaysia, and Team Adiwangsa from University Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Chief Judge of the Eco-Biz Dream Project 3 Puan Yasmin Rasyid said, “It is remarkable how the project has brought out the best in our young university students in terms of creativity, teamwork and being business savvy. They show amazing calibre and incredible positive mindset. We hope that they will find their learning experience at Eco-Biz Dream Project invaluable, inspiring them to someday become social entrepreneurs, and continue to make an impact in the world we live in.”

To ensure sustainability of the winning pitch’s idea, Alliance Islamic Bank has engaged local authorities, non-profit organisations, crowdfunding partners, and private enterprises for the implementation phase.

“Alliance Islamic Bank is committing up to RM200,000 to be used as seed funding for the implementation,” added En. Rizal. “Any additional funding required will be raised via our strategic crowdfunding partners’ platforms, Ata Plus and Ethis Ventures. We hope that doing so will help lend greater visibility of the project among communities.”

The third iteration of the Project began in September 2018 with an Ideation Phase that saw participation from local university students to come up with practical solutions to address Sungai Kerayong’s environmental, economic and social concerns. Since then, the students have participated in Design Thinking workshop and Business Model Canvas bootcamp run by the Asia School of Business, and coaching and mentoring by industry experts from Malaysian GreenTech Corporation and EcoKnights.

The judges for the Eco-Biz Dream Project 3 were Puan Yasmin Rasyid, Founder and President of EcoKnights, En. Rizal IL-Ehzan, Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Islamic Bank Berhad, Ms. Elina Jani, Chief of Strategic Communication of Malaysian GreenTech Corporation, Mr. Robest Yong, Founder of Innopreneur, Mr. Andi Suswandi Shamsuddin, Senior Manager of Marketing & Communication at the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre, and Mr. Giuseppe Taibi, Group Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer of Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad.

Alliance Islamic Bank Eco-Biz Dream Project 3 is carried out in collaboration with EcoKnights, Malaysian Greentech Corporation, and Asia School of Business. More information on the EcoBiz Dream Project 3 can be found at https://www.alliancebank.com.my/ecobiz.

UNIMAS bags the champion title for Alliance Islamic Bank Eco-Biz Dream Project 3.[Left to right] Mohd Fakharuddin Muhamad, Norzafirah Azriah Mohd Fadzli (Team Leader), Professor Madya Dr. Shanti Faridah Salleh, Director of Centre for Academic Assurance and Academic Development, UNIMAS, Lennevey Kinidi and Dayang Siti Herdawati Abang Hardin.

Green Team makes the dream work.Mr. Joel Kornreich (7th from left), Group CEO of Alliance Bank and En. Rizal IL-Ehzan (on his left), CEO of Alliance Islamic Bank, flanked by the judges, strategic partners, and grand prize winners of the Eco-Biz Dream Project 3.

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