Z-Alliance Travel

Embark On Your Journey Knowing You Are In Good Hands.

Comprehensive travel insurance that protects you before, during & after your trip against medical emergencies, travel inconveniences, accidents & more.

Underwritten by: Zurich General Insurance Malaysia Berhad 201701035345 (1249516-V)

Z-Alliance Travel
With Z-ALLIANCE TRAVEL Insurance, you are well taken care of even before you embark on your journey . This comprehensive insurance plan covers you before, during, and after your trip. It offers much-needed compensation when an accident results in injuries, disabilities, or death and covers medical expenses incurred due to accidents or illness. It even provides travel assistance in the event of unforeseen travel inconveniences.

Key Features

It's exciting to explore the world, discover new places, make new friends and stimulate your taste buds along the way! It is equally important to mitigate the uncertainties that could ruin your dream vacation, whether you are part of a tour group or a do-it-yourself traveller.

Z-Alliance Travel Insurance, underwritten by Zurich General Insurance Malaysia Bhd, is designed to do just that. For starters, it compensates for travel cancellation, travel delay, loss of baggage and personal belongings, and other travel inconveniences. It also covers medical expenses incurred due to accident or illness during the trip including follow-up treatment when you are back in Malaysia. It further compensates for accidental injuries, disability or death. In addition, it provides travel assistance when the unforeseen happens and help is much needed.
  • Unlimited Cover for Medical Expenses and selected benefits depending on plan type
  • Travel Inconvenience Coverage
  • Personal Accident & Liability Coverage
  • Urban Traveller’s Coverage (Home Care Benefits, Pet Care Benefits, Rental Car Excess etc.)
  • Extra features (Badal Haji, Wakaf, Qurban, or Emergency Cash)
  • Travel Assistance Benefits
  • COVID-19 coverage (optional)
Please refer to Brochure, Product Disclosure Sheet and Policy Wording for detailed product description, terms and conditions.

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