03 October 2022

Renewal of Debit Card/-i


Please check the expiry of your Debit Card/-i. A renewed Debit Card/-i will be sent to you three (3) months before the expiry of your card.

A renewed Debit Card/-i will be sent to your mailing address of your most recent Current or Savings account (CASA/-i) opened* and linked to the Debit Card/-i as follows:

  1. Cards will be sent via courier to an address in Malaysia/Singapore.
  2. If the address is a P.O. Box , the renewed card will be sent via normal mail.
  3. If your mailing address is overseas, you may contact us to arrange for the card to be sent to your overseas address (courier charges apply). Alternatively, you may update the mailing address to a local address 3 months prior to us sending out the card.

You will be notified of the status of the renewed Debit Card/-i delivery via SMS.
*For joint or minor accountholder, the renewed Debit Card/-i will be sent to the primary CASA/-i accountholder's mailing address.

To ensure smooth delivery of your card, please update your mailing address (if any changes) of your CASA/-i 3 months before the new card is delivered to you. You may update your mailing address via the following options:

  1. allianceonline at "My Profile" tab (Update of P.O. Box address via allianceonline is not applicable) or
  2. Call our Customer Service at +603-5516 9988.

For other queries, please refer to FAQ

Important notes during Debit Card/-i activation:

Please activate your renewed Debit Card/-i latest by 1 month after the expiry of your existing Debit Card/-i. Thereafter, the renewed Debit Card/-i can no longer be activated. You may apply a new Debit Card/-i at the nearest Alliance Bank branch.

Have your 6 Digit PIN of your Debit Card/-i with you. Please do not disclose your Debit Card/-i PIN to anyone.

How to activate the renewed Debit Card/i:

Option 1 : Allianceonline Mobile App

Option 2 : Allianceonline Website

Option 3 : Any Alliance Bank ATM Machines

Once you have activated your renewed Debit Card/-i, please destroy your old/expired card immediately by cutting it into several pieces ensuring that the chip and magnetic stripe portion is completely damaged.

For more information, please contact our Customer Service at +603-5516 9988.

Deposit products are protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor.