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Investor Relations

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Shareholder Information

Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad (ABMB) has a long-term dividend policy of up to 60% dividend payout ratio based on reported net profit after tax attributable to shareholders, subject to regulatory approval.

The Bank is committed to upholding good corporate governance and respecting shareholder rights including the shareholders’ right to attend, participate, speak and vote all general meetings. A shareholder of the Bank has the following rights in respect of participating and voting in general meetings:

  • To attend, participate, speak and vote at general meetings.
  • To requisition the Bank to convene a general meeting.
  • To place items on the general meeting agenda.
  • To appoint not more than two proxies when the shareholder is unable to attend the general meeting.
  • For a corporate shareholder, to attend general meeting through its corporate representative.
  • For a shareholder who is an exempt authorised nominee which holds ordinary shares in the Bank for multiple beneficial owners in one securities account (omnibus account), there is no limit to the number of proxies which the exempt authorised nominee may appoint in respect of each omnibus account it holds.


Month Foreign Shareholding (%)
January 2024 20.92%
February 2024 21.03%
March 2024 20.81%
Month Foreign Shareholding (%)
January 2023 23.03%
February 2023 23.26%
March 2023 23.31%
April 2023 23.16%
May 2023 22.82%
June 2023 22.39%
July 2023 22.46%
August 2023 22.34%
September 2023 21.95%
October 2023 21.69%
November 2023 21.78%
December 2023 21.40%

Rating by External Rating Agency

Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad is rated by RAM Rating Services Berhad (RAM Ratings). The Bank’s short-term and long-term ratings are P1 and A1 respectively.

Alliance Islamic Bank Berhad (AIS) is also rated by RAM Ratings. AIS’ short-term and long-term ratings are P1 and A1 respectively.

RAM Ratings has classified these rating categories as follows:



A financial institution rated P1 has a strong capacity to meet its short-term financial obligations. This is the highest short-term Financial Institution Rating (FIR) assigned by RAM Ratings.



A financial institution rated A1 has an adequate capacity to meet its financial obligations. The financial institution is more susceptible to adverse changes in circumstances, economic conditions and/or operating environments than those in higher-rated categories.


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