11 June 2020



Government Stimulus Package Scam – Bantuan Prihatin Nasional (BPN)

Government has announced stimulus package in place to help the needy, protect jobs, and support businesses that are impacted by Covid-19. However, this has become an opportunity for scammers to take advantage of the most vulnerable members of the public.

What will scammers do?
  1. Send text messages claiming recipients have qualified for BPN and they would receive their payment within 24 hours.
  2. Request recipients to reply the fake text messages with banking details.
  3. Provide downloadable mobile apps representing government bodies that carry malware to steal users’ personal data (phishing).
Be Alert!
  1. *BPN recipients would only receive text message from numbers 62000 or 63833.
  2. **BPN recipients would only receive email from no_reply@hasil.gov.my.
  3. No further action is required for BPN recipients after receiving text message / email.
  4. ***Avoid downloading ‘Covid-19 Help Package’ mobile app. According to Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, the app could be carrying malware that steal users’ personal data (phishing).

*Official message from LHDN: https://www.facebook.com/LHDNM/photos/a.547942338608052/2759078647494399/
**Official message from LHDN: https://www.facebook.com/LHDNM/photos/a.547942338608052/2758920220843575/
***Source: https://www.thestar.com.my/tech/tech-news/2020/04/03/lhdn-warns-of-sms-scam-targeting-bantuan-prihatin-nasional-recipients

Loan Deferment Application Scam

As a result of unemployment and income losses, scammers would take advantage of the current situation using illegal means for financial gains.

What will scammers do?

Contacting via phones, emails, social medias:

  • Offering to provide assistance in loan payment deferment application
  • Providing a URL to bank lookalike application form for customer to fill in personal & banking details
  • Requesting for processing fee for loan deferment application
Preventive Measures

Please use the bank’s official channels to get more details on loan deferment. Alliance Bank Corporate Website’s Loan Moratorium FAQ: https://www.alliancebank.com.my/moratorium-faqs.aspx

Masks Purchase Scam
What will scammers do?

Just within the month of March 2020, there are 3 purchase scams, with a total lost of almost RM700k:

  1. A woman scammed into giving RM600,000 and her passport to a conman who claimed to be selling face masks.
  2. 37-year old Alor Gajah clerk lost RM54,000 in online scam after placing orders for 3,364 boxes of face masks.
  3. Beautician, 21, lost RM10,000 to WeChat friend after ordering 200 boxes of face masks that were never delivered to her.
Customers are advised to
  • Always purchase only from the official e-commerce sites.
  • Always purchase only from a verified seller and to read the customer’s feedbacks before placing your orders.
  • Always be skeptical when the offer is too good to be true, such as unreasonably cheap / low price for luxury items.