29 October 2023

Close to 3,500 Participants at Alliance Bank’s Inaugural Heritage Run 2023

Press Release

Penang, 29 October 2023 - Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad (“Alliance Bank” or the “Bank”) has successfully hosted its inaugural event, the Alliance Bank Heritage Run 2023 (“Heritage Run” or the “Run”), aligned with its commitment of becoming an ESG-focused organisation. The Heritage Run is a pivotal component of the Bank’s BeESG initiative, which aims to help businesses and individuals adopt sustainable practices.

Alliance Bank curated a diverse range of engaging activities, in line with its commitment to build stronger connections with the communities it serves. During the Heritage Run, around 3,500 participants from all walks of life gathered enthusiastically to celebrate George Town’s vibrant culture and heritage, while supporting local businesses. The Bank engaged the iconic trishaws, which are synonymous with George Town as a traditional mode of transportation, to provide complimentary rides to see the city’s historic sites and neighbourhoods from a unique perspective.

The Run provided runners and supporters a collaborative canvas to express themselves in creative street art, which will be transformed into a feature wall mural by local Penang graffiti artist Abdul Rashade following the event. Participants also had the opportunity to join the #SupportLokal Festival Area which featured local food and beverage providers, unique craft artisans and homegrown Penang businesses within the event grounds at Padang Kota Lama.

“In line with our vision to be a community-centric bank while building an ESG-driven organisation, I am pleased that our first-ever Heritage Run has created an additional avenue for the Penang community to embrace sustainable living practices. The Run is a significant stride in support of UN SDG 11.4, enabling us to contribute to the preservation and safeguarding of a world cultural heritage. We look forward to organising more of such events to continue bringing positive impact to the community and environment,” said Mr Kellee Kam, Group Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Bank.

Keeping true to its sustainability theme, the Heritage Run lanyard, medal and T-shirt were ingeniously made from sustainable materials, and packed into a reusable canvas bag. The PET lanyard is made with recycled plastic while the medal is fashioned from recyclable wood. The exclusive Heritage Run T-shirt features eco-friendly fabric sourced from recycled plastic bottles. Additionally, Alliance Bank collaborated with a women-led organisation, Kloth; underscoring the Bank’s efforts to empower communities through circular practices within the plastics, textiles and clothing industry.

The Run is also part of the Bank’s overall brand purpose - “The Bank for Life” which embodies the Bank’s commitment to serve as a trustworthy, dependable partner that supports customers through every stage of their financial journey. Beyond just a bank, Alliance Bank is committed to being a trusted partner for customers to bring their aspirations to life, through differentiated solutions catered to their needs.

As part of Alliance Bank’s 3As approach (Advocacy, Advice and Answers), the Bank continues to embed sustainability at the core of its business and operations, including innovating and developing solutions around customers to deliver more value, and enable them to adopt sustainable lifestyles through the Bank’s various green propositions. This includes collaborating with trusted partners to provide SMEs with green solutions in areas such as renewable energy, waste management, and sustainable packaging. In the consumer segment, the Bank offers a Green Mortgage Financing Package to encourage green-certified property ownership. Additionally, the Bank recently launched ASEAN’s first dynamic card number feature on its Visa Virtual Credit Card (VCC), a fully digital solution that improves online security and reduces environmental impact. Through these efforts, Alliance Bank facilitates the practical implementation of ESG goals, helping businesses and consumers achieve their sustainability goals more efficiently.

For more information about Alliance Bank’s sustainability efforts and green propositions, please visit http://www.alliancebank.com.my.

Alliance Bank Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr Kellee Kam (first row - third from right in blue shirt) and his Senior Management Team joins the 3,500 participants at the Bank's first-ever Heritage Run 2023.

Close to 3,500 participants warming up before the start of the Alliance Bank Heritage Run at Padang Kota Lama, Penang.

The inaugural Alliance Bank Heritage Run 2023 held along the scenic and historical routes around George Town, Penang is part of the bank's effort in supporting Sustainable Development Goals on “Contributing to the Preservation and Safeguarding of World Cultural Heritage".

Families having fun participating in the Alliance Bank Heritage Run 2023 that included a 7KM run, 3KM Family Walk, Telematches, the #SupportLokal Bazaar, Mural and Face Painting as well as a Photowall Feature.

Close to 3,500-strong crowd from all walks of life gathered enthusiastically at Alliance Bank Heritage Run 2023 to celebrate George Town’s vibrant culture and heritage, while supporting local businesses.

Participants contributing and leaving their mark on the Alliance Bank Commemorative Art Mural by homegrown Penang artist Abdul Rashade at the bank's inaugural Heritage Run.

The "Trishaw", a three-wheeled carriage which is part of Penang's deep-rooted heritage and culture was also part of the Alliance Bank Heritage Run 2023.