14 June 2022

Update of Debit Card/Debit Card-i Product Disclosure Sheet


Please be informed that we have updated the Product Disclosure Sheet for Debit Card/Debit Card-i in correspondent with the revision of MyDebit Cash Out fee payable by cardholders. The revision will take effect from 1st July 2022. Please click on the link below to view the revised Product Disclosure Sheet.

  1. Alliance Hybrid Standard Debit Card
  2. Alliance Hybrid AP Platinum Debit
  3. Alliance Hybrid BP Platinum Debit
  4. Alliance My eSaving Debit Card
  5. Alliance My eSaving Debit Card-i
  6. Alliance Hybrid PB Platinum Debit Card-i
  7. Alliance Hybrid Standard Debit Card-i
  8. AAlliance Junior Debit Card-i

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Thank you.