20 January 2022

Revision of Terms and Conditions for Consumer Home Loan/Financing, Term Loan/Financing and Overdraft (“Financing Products”)


Dear Valued Customers,

We had recently revised the terms and conditions for the abovementioned Financing Products to apply the principles of fair treatment and to simplify the terms for customers’ easy understanding. The revised terms and conditions shall take effect from 22 February 2022.

Please be assured that the revised terms and conditions shall have no effect on the existing commercial terms for the Financing Products accepted/signed by you and your rights and obligations for the said Financing Products shall remain unchanged. In the event of any inconsistency between the revised terms and conditions and the existing terms and conditions that have been accepted by you, the revised terms and conditions shall be used for the purposes of interpretation so that your position shall be no worse off.

The summary of revision of the terms and conditions can be downloaded here